Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alice Schille

Horse Race, Siena, 1901-10. Watercolor, 9 x 11". Courtesy Perry Nicole Fine Art, Memphis, Tennessee.
Trafalgar Square, London (night), 1909-10. Pastel and watercolor, 12 x 9". Private collection
Nice, 1909-10. Pastel and Watercolor. 10 x 7". Private collection
Alice Schille (1869-1955) was born in Columbus Ohio, and studied in New York and Paris and was influenced by progressive art movements. She was a world traveller, painting throughout the US, Europe, North Africa and Latin America. Her medium of choice was watercolor but she also worked in oils. Her subject matter included still lifes, landscapes, gardens, mothers and children, market and harbor scenes. Her paintings of the working class Jewish and Italian neighborhoods on the Lower East Side are some of the most exciting watercolors ever rendered of urban life in New York.
Schille's work evolved from Tonalist naturalism, through Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (including Pointillism) to include the influence of Fauvism as well as an exploration of the faceting of the Cubist methodology. Her later work also reveals the influence of Rivera and the Mexican muralists. (William H. Gerdts)


Laura said...

oh-i love her but have never heard of her! thanks for introducing me-she looks like a font of inspiration.

Sri Debi said...

I stumbled onto this blog while searching for Diebenkorn. I am an artist living 16 miles from Columbus and earlier this year the Schumacher Gallery had an exhibition dedicated to her work. Most of the works were from private collections and lots of the owners of the works were there. I have also been fortunate enough to see the collection of a woman who was once Alice's model. In the collection are several wonderful Schilles. Keny Galleries has published a book on her work, and she is often included in exhibitions now. Vive women in art. Schille was a superb artist and the price of her works is rising.

Paul C said...

We toured Siena, Italy several months ago and were told about the annual horse race at the city square. The painter captures the excitement well. I like the focus of your site.

artslice said...

I'm a bit late in response to all your comments... but they are very much appreciated!

Hi Laura, she is quite an inspiration!

Sri - how fabulous to have seen her show at the Schumacher, wish I could've been there. And to get an inside peek from one of her models... priceless!

Hi Paul,
How fabulous to travel to Siena, I'd love to go there... and studied the Siena painters quite a bit at university. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you found me.

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