Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Quilt: Padded bed cover or the method used to make padded covers or clothing. The padded effect is achieved by sewing a layer of down, cotton, wool, or other stuffing between two outer pieces of material; patterned sewing is used (often diamond shapes or floral motifs).

Quilts have been made in the home for centuries throughout Europe, the East, and more recently the USA. They are sometimes decorated with patchwork or embroidery. (Brockhampton)

These photographs are taken from the Buggy Barn annual quilt show last weekend. The show is in Reardan WA, located out in the Palouse. (an expansive farmland of rolling hills where mostly wheat is grown.) It's a beautiful country setting... the sun is always out for the show, the breeze blowing the quilts and sound of wheat rustling are just a few of the reasons why I go back every year. (this is the 2nd year I've shown my quilts there)

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