Friday, March 20, 2009

Natalie Goldberg

Santa Fe Chair, 1989.
A lovely book - where the images came from.

Her latest book... it's a great read and provides inspiration for me as an artist. I exchange the word 'write' for 'paint' and it really has given me motivation!!

Janet's Living Room, 1984

Dog, 1984

My Fair Lady, 1984.
She's a great writer and most famous for her books about the craft of writing ie- 'Writing Down the Bones'. She's also an artist... her watercolors and super-colorful, loaded with pattern and have a funky viewpoint. They seem a bit off kilter which is why they appeal to me.


Beth Ahrens-Kley said...

yes quirky, her own type of impressionism, cool colors and subjects. nice post!

artslice said...

:) Thanks Beth... love your avatar.

E. Floyd said...

I am adding her books to my reading list! Thanks for sharing her with us.

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

I love Natalie Goldberg! I gave my copy of Writing Down the Bones to my neighbor friend, and love flipping through Living Color for the color vitamins alone. I appreciate the reminder that I have it! Love her painting style so much.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a wonderful week, Brenda :))