Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"The Only Rule is Work " - Corita

One of my all time favorite artists, Sister Corita Kent (1918-1986) made up this list of rules for the art college in which she worked. No. 7 is the best rule ever... it's my mantra!
'Admired by Charles and Ray Eames, Buckminster Fuller and Saul Bass, Sister Corita was one of the most innovative and unusual pop artists of the 1960s, battling the political and religious establishments, revolutionizing graphic design and encouraging the creativity of thousands of people - all while living and practicing as a Catholic nun in California.

Mixing advertising slogans and poetry in her prints and commandeering nuns and students to help make ambitions installations, processions and banners, Sister Corita's work is now recognized as some of the most striking - and joyful- American art of the 60s. But, at the end of the decade and at the height of her fame and prodigious work rate, she let the convent where she had spent her adult life. '
- (Julie Ault.)
**From the book, Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita by Julie Ault. Published by Four Corners Books, 2006.


Brad Gailey said...

Check out Dave Hickey's column in the November Art in America. He relates Tom Dowd's four rules for making art such as, number one (condensed), "Build it, then fix it." I think you will like it.


artslice said...

Hi Brad,
Thanks for stopping by! I will check that out... thanks for mentioning it. I do enjoy that magazine. Hope you're doing well :)

Julita said...

Ooo. I like these rules! Thanks for sharing. I think I may print them out and post them up on my fridge!

Laura said...

i want to hug this post.... thank you so much for sharing.

poemhome said...

yes, work works for me too.

artslice said...

Hi Julita... they are great rules. I keep meaning to hang them up too.
Hi Laura,
Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!

Hi Poemhome... work is always good for the gander :)

Happy turkey day to one and all!

Paula Villanova said...

I LOVED reading about Sister Corita. Here in Boston, we have a VERY large natural gas tank by the side of the highway that is wrapped in art by Corita. It is one of my favorite landmarks anywhere. I never saw her rules before, thanks for posting!

artslice said...

Hi Paula -
I LOVE her rules too... and her work. So inspiring!

Gloria said...

Thanks for posting Corita's rules. They contain plenty of food for thought and so, I have printed them. I believe my mother attended a class or workshop led by Corita at Marylhurst College in Portland during the 60's. I distinctly remember her being very inspired by the experience.