Friday, February 15, 2008

Greek Fashions from the Archaic Period

Kore, form the Acropolis, Athens. circa 510 B.C. Marble. Acropolis Museum, Athens. (wearing a chiton and a himation)

The sculpture above is wearing a later frock from the 6th century. The dresses were made of a light weight linen - the chiton and worn with a heavier weight himation or mantle. 'The asymmetry of the folds greatly relieves the stiff frontality of the bodies and makes these figures appear much more lifelike than contemporary kouros statues. Added variety is achieved by showing the kore grasping part of her chiton in her left hand -broken off in this statue- to lift it off the ground as she takes a step forward.' (Gardner)

  • Peplos Kore, from the Acropolis, Athens, circa 530 B.C. Marble. Acropolis Museum, Athens. (she is wearing a peplos)

    The Peplos Kore is wearing the 'fashion of the day', an ankle length, wool dress with a belt at the waist. This style makes for a nice, columnar shape which is attractive and slimming. It dosen't cling to the body and falls down in a line. 'She once held in her hand an attribute that would identify the figure as a maiden or, as has been suggested recently, a goddess, perhaps Athena herself. ' (Gardner)

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