Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wayne Thiebaud

Girl in White Boots 1965. Oil on Canvas 72 x 60 in. Collection of Blair Sabol.
This painting is not what one would picture, thinking of Thiebaud since he's so popular for his still lifes of cakes, toys, food etc. Love her bobbed hair. She's so Audrey Hepburn or Diana Rigg of The Avengers!
Wayne Thiebaud was born 1920 in Mesa, Arizona. In 1921 his family moved to Long Beach, California. During high school, he attended the Frank Wiggins Trade School in L.A. to study commerical art. He served in the US AirForce from 1942-1945. He earned a MFA in 1960. In 1962 He had his first solo show in NYC. In 1998 , he received an honorary doctor of fine arts from California State University.
'Wayne Theibaud has long been recognized as one of America's most prominent modern artists. Probably best known for his straightforward, deadpan still-life paintings of the 1960's traditionally linked with Pop Art. Thiebaud is identified by his brilliant palette, luscious handling of paint, and the intensity of light that lends a particularly "California" flavor to his images.' (Nash and Gopnik)

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