Monday, May 5, 2008

Black and Red Figure Amphoras

Corinthian black-figure amphora with animal friezes, from Rhodes 625-600 B.C. British Museum, London.
Ankokides Painter, Ajax and Achilles playing a game (Attic bilingual amphora) from Orvieto, c. 525-520 B.C. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Black-figure side

Red-figure side

Black-Figure Technique: In early Greek pottery, the silhouetting of dark figures against a light background of natural, reddish clay.

Red-Figure Technique: In later Greek pottery, the silhouetting of red figures against a black background; the reverse of the black-figure technique. (Gardner)
These images and techniques are great inspiration for printmaking and even embroidery and even fiber art work (ie sashiko in my musings blog). Martha Miller had a nice example of Blackwork and lino cutting on her blog at (look for her blackwork post.)
(sorry the photographs are a little fuzzy today)

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