Sunday, May 18, 2008

Carl Larsson

Woman Lying on a Bench, 1913. Louvre, Paris.
When the Children Have Gone to Bed, 1895. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.

Cozy Corner from 'A Home' series, 1895. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.

1853-1919. Carl Larsson was a Swedish painter, engraver, and illustrator. His watercolors of domestic life, subtly colored and full of detail, were painted for his book Ett Hem /A Home, 1899. (Brockhampton)


Anjang Zaimi said...

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Martha Miller said...

carl larsson had a daughter named lisbeth - that is where i got the idea to name my daughter lisbeth!

artslice said...

How cool is that - it is a beautiful name!