Monday, March 3, 2008

A Bit of Comopsition

Women Reading 1909, Rolf Deyhle Collection, Stuttgart by Robrt Breyer

Composition is so important in a painting or any image one is creating - it's really almost a science! I think Vermeer was such a master at it, all the triangles, diagonals etc. that he created... as was Rembrandt. Here's a little explanation of what Robery Breyer did in his beautiful painting here. Love this era of hair and dress.

"This painting focuses on two fashionably dressed and coiffured women. Although they are not directly communicating with each other, they are both engaged in the same activity. Their togetherness is also established by the fact that their two figures, next to one another, form a wavelike curved diagonal from the upper left to the lower right edge of the image." (Stefan Bollmann)

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