Monday, March 31, 2008

Kaye Synoground - A Closer Look

(title unknown)
Astoria Houses

Kitchen Cupboard

Morning Coffee Break

Here is an artist I met when I lived in Portland. Kaye Synoground is a wonderful illustrator and watercolor artist. She has a little gallery in Multnomah Village, SW Portland. Upon my first visit to her studio/gallery, I climbed a long staircase. She had an old fashioned stove with all the cute curves, etc. - probably a Merritt-O'Keeffe. Anyway, she was just taking oatmeal raisin cookies out of the oven & offered me some. The place smelled lovely and the artwork so fun and beautiful - I was hooked! I enjoy her subject matter... little vignettes around the house, village scenes and hip ladies in vintage dresses. Her winter snow scenes of the village are so nice.

Kaye ended up closing her shop just as I was moving to Spokane. She wanted more time in her home studio to produce work. About 3-4 years later we were visiting Portland and discovered she had opened up a new gallery down one block where an antiques store once resided. Now, if only I could get to Portland more often. She teaches watercolor classes at Multnomah Art Center and did illustrations for a book called Married to My Garden. Kaye and her husband have a beach house not too far from Portland and I think she likes to paint out there. Wish I knew more about her to tell you all ... enjoy her paintings.


G. Lindwood said...

I, too, find Kaye's work enjoyable. We own one of her little watercolor paintings and am delighted each time I look at it. In addition, Kaye Synoground is a very kind person and I am pleased to know her.

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