Friday, June 6, 2008

Chien Yao

2 Vases (1895-1910) by Emil Arnold Krog and Knud Valdemar Engelhardt. Porcelain, multicolored underglaze and crystal glaze. Made by Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabrik, Copenhagen.
Chien Yao: Shallow Japanese tea dishes that in earlier times were produced in China. Their glaze recalls rabbit fur, bird's feathers, turtle shells or oil spots. The predominant color tones of dark blue, brown, and green pan out from the center or form cloud-like patches. The glaze is applied in several layers which are fired several times. The result is that, as the light striking the surface varies, the color apparently keeps changing. (Gabriele Fahr-Becker)
These vases are made by Danish designers of the Art Nouveau period who were inspired and influenced by Asian ceramics and techniques.


Kristin Loganbill said...

those are gorgeous (and I learned something too!) I love the blue in the one vase.
thanks for sharing!

Kristin Loganbill said...

I actually meant the one vase on the left-
I like the circles the blue formed...

artslice said...

Thanks Kristin, I really like that one too. I'm a pottery lover... someday I want to get back into clay - glazes are pretty tough to make from my experience!