Saturday, June 21, 2008

Joan Brown

After the Alcatraz Swim #3, 1976.

The Night Before the Alcatraz Swim, 1975
I love Joan Brown!!! She's such an inspiration

"I strive for that delicate balance between reason and feeling, knowing that sometimes the pictures will lean one way or the other. I'm constantly trying to pull out new information from my intuitive self, which results in the surprises that I discover in my work, and which keeps me ever stimulated." Joan Brown.
Book reference: Karen Tsujimoto and Jacquelynn Baas: The Art of Joan Brown 1998.
I'm going to do another post with her bio and more paintings some time in the coming weeks!
***I was featured on Friday, June 20th at ... for ways to better your Etsy photography skills! There are a lot of good ideas I will try and lots of compliments too. Thanks, dif-fraction!***

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