Sunday, October 12, 2008

Modern Madonna

Mother and Child by Picasso 1922
This modern Madonna, painted on a tinted gray background and very lightly colored, was signed by Picasso in 1922. It belongs in Picasso's period of great simplicity and classical feeling. It is an eloquent sample of his authority as a draftsman and one of the most tender of his monumental figure pieces. (Andre Maurois - from a 1927 Vanity Fair magazine article)


Paula Villanova said...

Picasso is my favorite artist, and I'm surprised that I don't think I have ever seen this one. Thanks for posting it!

artslice said...

You're welcome, Paula! It's from an old book that's a compilation of 1920s-1930s Vanity Fair magazine articles. It has a lot of unique pictures. I love Picasso too... he was such an innovator but he ruined a lot of people's live too. I think the art world today would be totally different without him!

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