Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Andy Warhol says 'Merry Christmas'

Christmas Fairy, 1954. Ink on white bond paper. 11 x 8".
Study for Star of Wonder, 1960. Ink and gouache on Strathmore Seconds paper. 23 x 29". Tiffany & Co. Archives.
Faries Playing Instruments, 1957. Stamped gold collage and ink on Strathmore paper. 22 x 28".

"That was my life in the '50s: greeting cards and watercolors and now and then a coffee house poetry reading." for Andy the illustrator, anything he was fond of could become material for a card. This included fruit, like the fruit he sold off a truck as a child to help his poor family's finances; angels, like the 'angel in the sky' his classmate and childhood friend Philip Pearlstein compared him to; stars, because he was always 'star struck'. (John Loring)
"And the bigger the box, the less present..." - Andy Warhol, 12-25-1983.
From the book, Greetings from Andy (Warhol,) Christmas at Tiffany's, by John Loring.

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