Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carl Larsson: Influences

Karin is Reading, 1904. Watercolor.
In 1904, they had nearly finished re-decorating their dining room. There is a paper cactus-flower shad that now had electric light and a 'sin-cupboard' was installed under the window. It would be used to hold liquor and cigars. Karin's profile is echoed in the portrait in the window... alongside her is Carl himself.
Marriage Feast at Cana. Painted wall hanging from southern Sweden, 1781
Famed Swedish artist, Carl Larsson and his wife were a bit like William Morris of the British Arts and Crafts movement. They took great care decorating their house and I guess you could say they were the founders of modern Swedish design! Carl immortalized his home and grounds by painting most of his watercolors there. Here is a piece he saw in a museum that is believed to have greatly inspired his work. The Marriage Feast at Cana (detail). 'The fresh directness of such Southern Swedish paintings, abounding with figures, had a strong appeal for Carl Larsson. This example was collected for the Nordic Museum, Stockholm.' (Snodin and Stavenow-Hidemark).
**From the book, Carl and Karin Larsson - Creators of the Swedish Style. Edited by Michael Snodin and Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark. Published by Bullfinch, 1997)

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