Thursday, January 29, 2009

E. Ambrose Webster

St. Paul II, France, 1925, 32 x 45"
Sunny Portrait, Taormina, 1922, 30 x 40", The Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KentuckySketching, Provincetown, MA, 1915, 14 x 19".
E. Ambrose Webster was born in 1869 in Boston, MA to a working class family. He was one of 3 sons. He studied at the Boston Museum School in his 20s while working in many different printing shops as an engraver. He was greatly influenced by Monet, van Gogh and Matisse. Some have called him the 'American Fauve'. He is very well known for being a pioneer of modernism in painting. He preferred to travel and paint more exotic locations rather than his native Boston.
"Webster was a self-assured artist who dedicated his life to painting and teaching and did it with exuberant determination and authority. Hes convictions ran deep enough that throughout his career he remained undeterred in his sometimes lonely stance as a modernist in the mostly conservative Provincetown art community." (Gail R. Scott) He died in 1935.
**Photographs and information gleaned from American Art Review magazine, December 2008.


Ani said...

Lovely colors. I like his style, thanks for sharing. Best, Ani

artslice said...

Hi Ani.... I like his style too. Thanks for your comments :)