Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Georgia O'Keefe's Hands

Ghost Ranch, 1966
Holding Eliot Porter's Rock, Abiquiu, 1966

Ghost Ranch, 1966
Holding a book by Leonard Baskin, bedroom, Abiquiu, 1966

Most of us have seen the beautiful photographs that Alfred Stieglitz took of Georgia in the early part of the 20th century. I thought it would be fun to show those same lovely hands at an older age. These photos were taken in 1966 as part of a Life Magazine story by John Loengard.

I especially like the ones with the bones... she collected a lot of bones from the desert to take back to New York and paint. She said she wanted to to somehow take a little bit of New Mexico with her (she spent her summers painting there during the 1930s and 40's). Georgia O'Keeffe said they never represented death to her - on the contrary, they were very lively. She loved the shapes of the bones, especially in relation to the sky.
**photos taken from the book, Image and Imagination: Georgia O'Keeffe by John Loengard - 1994.


Anonymous said...
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Mary Ann Wakeley said...

Lovely Georgia images. I may have mentioned before, she was one of the first artists I studied and read about with a fervor when I was in my 20s...I had several of her prints, books and one of her videos which I still watch from time to time for inspiration. She's right up there in my top ten favorite people of all time.

Which reminds me, I never responded to your tag, and a couple others:(.... it's not like me not to comply. Just wanted to thank you again for thinking of me and let you know I truly have not forgotten:))

Enjoy the day !! m.a.

artslice said...

Hi Mary Ann-
I'd love to go the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and her house too... someday. Thanks for stopping by - so sorry to hear you closed the etsy shop!

Rhonda said...

Lovely pictures of Georgia, I love her work. Your blog is very informative and enjoyable.


artslice said...

Thanks Rhonda... I'm glad you stopped by! Your ballet ladies are lovely... especially those skirts!

Ani said...

I am a long time lover of GK's paintings, thank you for posting these photos. I hope to make it to her museum one day. I went to the Smithsonian American art museum exhibit for GK and Ansel Adams, it's still on thru 1/24. Another Smithsonian exhibit I'd like to see is the Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian, thru May 17, 2009. Best, Ani

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