Thursday, February 26, 2009


The letter G-
Derived from the Semitic gimel, it was written like an upside down, slightly lopsided 'V' in the Sinai around 1500 BC. This sign had roughly the ephonetic value of our 'G,' but because the cultures who used the letter drew little or no distinction between the sounds of the letters 'C,' 'G,' and 'K' (in the same way as we make no difference between certain C and K sounds), the gimel (gamma in Greek) eventually became the Greek letter 'C' (being the original gimel turned 90 degrees). The Romans developed the letter 'G' ('C' with a crossbar) around 300 BC. (Rose Folsum)


Dave King said...

I find this subject absolutely enthralling. Good post!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

G is one of my favorite letters. My Mom’s name started with it, and she wrote it beautifully.