Monday, February 9, 2009

Tasha Tudor

Tonight, there is a full moon and our yard looks something like this... minus the rustic, log fence!

This is by no means a culmination of Tasha Tudor's work. However, for now I'd like to bring you a few winter-y scenes from one of her many books.* A favorite theme of mine is the way she captures the dogs and cats in her illustrations. She had several Welsh Corgis and cats - many are found in most of her books. I find her life and way of living so interesting and inspiring. She died just last year. Learn more about her life and art here.
*From The Night Before Christmas by C.C. Moore and Tasha Tudor - Little, Brown.


Ani said...

Tudor's watercolor work is incredible, I have all of her books, including a few that were printed for her Japanese market. Her ability to capture moonlight on the snows of New England is like no other. Tasha will live on thru her beautiful artwork. Thank you for highlighting TT today. Best, Ani

artslice said...

Hi Ani,
I agree with the moonlight on snow... so beautiful! Wow, you have all her books... you must have been collecting for awhile. I have a few and am keeping my eyes open for more.