Monday, February 23, 2009

Joan Steiner

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Joan Steiner -
Is a graduate of Barnard College and a self-taught artist. Her Look-Alike books have sold millions of copies. She has won numerous art and design awards and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. Ms. Steiner lives in Claverack New York.
**Taken from the book, Look Alikes by Joan Steiner, 1998. Little, Brown and Company.
***Photography by Thomas Lindley

**** Click on the picture to really see all the details!!


Ani said...

I am ADDICTED to look alike books! :) Great post, Ani

artslice said...

Thanks, Ani. Joan's are really some of the best!

happymille said...

My daughter Camille has loved the lookalike books since she was a child. Her 15th b-day is in Sept. I would love to fly to New York to surprise her and let her meet Joan Steiner and see her work in the museum there. How can I achieve this? Joan is a talented artist. A single

Halmarked said...

she's got a good eye and is worth noting. This is an artist at work.

Anonymous said...

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