Monday, April 27, 2009


Georges Rouault, French. Born 1871. Grimacing Man from Flowers of Evil. Aquatint.
The top narrow rectangle is an enlarged cross-section showing particles of resin on a plate surface.

1. Stopped out* before biting
2. One-minute bite - then stopped out.
3. 4 minute bite- then stopped out.
4. 16 minute bite, then stopped out.

Intaglio process. A tonal medium which permits 'grainlike' values in the print ranging from silvery grey to intense black. A porous ground of resin or other substances in applied to the plate, heated, then etched a number of times to produce the required values. (Jules Heller)

* Stopping out: Preventing certain lines or areas of a plate from biting, by brushing on an acid-proof material.


Jennifer Lommers said...

I loved doing Intaglio printmaking (oh, about 20 years ago now), but back then I was just etching the plate before rubbing the inks into it and sending it thru the print press. It's interesting to see another method (I realize there are a few others too). I may need to get back into it one of these days... a Printing press is on my 5 year wish list!

Thanks for sharing!

artslice said...

Hi Jennifer... I hope you get your wish, I'm sure you'd make some very nice prints! Thanks for stopping by.
ps are you coming to Spokane for ArtFest this year?

Jennifer Lommers said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for asking about Artfest! Sadly, I was not accepted this year. I was looking forward to coming! Oh well - are you going to be in it?

artslice said...

Oh, bummer!! Well, maybe I'll catch one of you shows this summer... you never know.
No, I won't be in it - I'd like to in the future but for now, there's no one to watch the kids for that long. Maybe when they're older!