Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paulus Berenson

This is a different kind of post... but it's what I love about writing this blog - discovering new artists and learning more about them) I've been drawn to the artwork on the cover of Red Bird by Mary Oliver ever since I bought the book last summer on a visit to Portland, OR. So, I thought I'd do a post on the artist but came up with only nebulous information about him. No bio could be found on the web... just a book he wrote in 1997, Finding One's Way with Clay: Creating Pinched Pottery and working with Colored Clays. (available at amazon if you're interested)
I think this looks like a woven or quilted piece... but it could also be a 2-D relief clay sculpture. What do you think? Anyone who knows more about Mr. Berenson... please feel free to leave a comment. I'm very curious now!


Joyce said...

It looks like almost knitting or crocheting from some angles.

I answered your question on my blog, but just incase here is the info you asked about.

"I use Ateco and Wilton's food gel. I like using gel, it gives the bright deep colors".

Thanks for stoping by today. xoxo

Dave King said...

I can see well enough why you are drawn to it. Fab'!

artslice said...

Hi Joyce and Dave... thanks so much for your comments!

Gramma Judy said...

I took a workshop with Paulus Berenson - must have been in the
70's. He is an amazing, gentle man and a fabulous artist. His approach is very zen-like and he was wonderful to work with. He is also of a very quiet nature, somewhat elusive, so it isn't too surprising that there is so little info on him. But the memory of that workshop lives on with me and undoubtedly with anyone whose life he has touched.

artslice said...

Thanks so much, Gramma Judy, for letting me and my readers know a bit more about Paulus B. How lucky you are to have taken a class from him!
Hope you find this response... I've just noticed it today.

athirstygirl said...

This summer I studied with Jimmy Clark, one of Paulus' students, at Touchstone in Farmington, PA. I have been making pinch pots and pit firing for 3 years, but I learned sooo much about how far I could push both the clay and myself. It was a wonderful experience.

Marjorie AKA Babs said...

Hello all. The piece is probably, as Joyce writes, handmade with threads.
I have taken 2 workshops w/Paulus and we corresponded for awhile. First at Mendocino Art Center, CA & just last year here in Asheville NC at UNCA. Paulus lives in Penland.
It is only by some miracle that I was able to meet this marvelous elf.
He is often in my thoughts. There is a rumor floating around that any pots that he makes today are then buried.
Most Truly,