Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sabra Field

Fields and Mountains
Dandelion Galaxies

Windows of Light on the Snow

Deer in the Orchard
"The pastoral image... is a model for man to shape his environment with care, to make the natural world more beautiful, more whole. ...The pastoral image poses an answer to the question, 'How are we to live with our planet?' " - Sabra Field
Her prints hang in imposing corporate boardrooms and in rustic New England fishing camps. Her 1991 Vermont Bicentennial commemorative stamp depicting yellow farm fields, a red barn and blue mountains quickly became of the the USPS's best selling issues, with more than 60 million copies purchased. Sabra Field is that rare contemporary artist whose work has found a large falling well outside the traditional realm of collectors and art experts. At her home and studio set in the Vermont countryside, she meticulously carves and hand-inks the wood blocks with which she creates her magical prints, one color at a time. (Tom Slayton)
** From the book, Sabra Field - The Art of Place. by Tom Slayton. University press of New England.


E. Floyd said...

Hi, this is a wonderful post. Sabra's work is so great and thanks for highlighting her. Have a great weekend! Liz

artslice said...

Thank you Liz... I'm a big fan of Sabra's!