Friday, December 28, 2007


Diptych of Anastasius, 517 A.D. Ivory, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris

Painting or sculpture (usually in ivory) consisting of two panels hinged together, most often employed as a portable altar or altarpiece. (Brockhampton)

The diptych featured in the photograph is carved ivory, of the emperor Anastasius who is enthroned, perched above an arena of men and animals.

"Anastasius sits in rigid formality, making a static, suspended gesture - entirely symbolic, the abstraction of his consular authority. ... The work is entirely ornamental and symbolic; the living man is lost in the concept - in this case, the concept of supreme and suprahuman authority." (Gardner)


susan said...

nice blog here... i like your shop too! i noticed you via technorati and clicked over for a look.
i noticed too that the sue bender book was a fav of yours. me too!
(it always makes me feel good about dishes.)
nice to see another art blog. i'll be back!

artslice said...

Thank you so much for your comments, Susan, I really appreciate them! Love your Airstream studio gallery and your etsy shop as well. I wish Sue Bender would write more!!!

Happy New Year


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