Monday, December 31, 2007


Music, 1911 Gustav Klimt

(German 'secession') Name given to various groups of German and Austrian artists in the 1890's who 'seceded' from official academic art institutions in order to found new schools of painting. The first was in Munich 1892; the next, linked with the paintings of Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau movement, was the Vienna Sezession 1897; the Berlin Sezession, led by the Impressionist Max Liebermann followed in 1899. In 1910 the members of the group die Brucke formed the Neue Sezession when they were rejected by Berlin's first Sezession. (Brockhampton)
What better way to add a lovely image of Klimt's work, a personal favorite. I love him for his figural work, decorative patterns, gold and sunbathed color choices and the fact he is such a huge part of the Art Nouveau style.

Painting Announcement:

I have bravely (or foolishly) decided to take on the challenge of doing a painting -a -day and will be displaying them at the right side of the page where the corresponding images to my postings have been appearing. They will be smallish in size and of various media. If you would like to purchase, contact me by going to my profile.

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