Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lisbeth Zwerger

From the Little Mermaid by Lisbeth Zwerger
A Crowd of People

Artist profile:

Lisbeth Zwerger is a very accomplished illustrator of children's books. She was born in Vienna, Austria in 1954 and has illustrated hundreds of books. In 1990, she won the prestigious award, the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, celebrating her lifetime achievements in children's literature.

Working mostly in watercolor, Ms. Zwerger has a very magical, dreamlike quality to her work. She has illustrated many fairy tales and classic stories. Her style is much like 19th century children's illustrator, Jessie Wilcox who did Mother Goose, among others.

My favorites books by this artist include Alice in Wonderland, Swan lake and Gift of the Magi. Here are a few photos from the books I have, enjoy!

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