Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hello and Welcome to Artslice

Collograph Matrix by Brenda

Hello, and here is my first post ever! I am very excited to bring an art word or artist three times a week. I will try to include a visual with my posts since I am a visual learner.
I am a fan of French Word a Day by Kristin Espinasse and thought this would be a nice spin off for art fans.

Allow me to introduce myself...My name is Brenda and I have been a studio artist since 2001. I work in oil and acrylic on canvas and wood, as well as woodblock printmaking and fiber arts. Now let's get right to it!

Today's word:

Collagraph - A print made from a piece of thin masonite that has been collaged with low relief objects and sealed with waterproof medium. It is then inked, wiped with cloth and printed.

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