Thursday, January 3, 2008

die Brucke

Akrobaten III (Acrobats III). 1912 by Max Pechstein Woodcut with pink and green
watercolor. L.A. County Museum of Art

(German, 'the bridge') German Expressionist art movement 1905-13, formed in Dresden by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Schmidt Rottluff, and others; Emile Nolde was a member 1906-07. Influenced by African art, Van Gogh and Fauvism, they strove for an art which expressed spiritual values, using raw colours and strong, angular lines derived from their highly original work in woodcut. In 1911 the Blaue Reiter overtook them as the leading group in German art. (Brockhampton)

Max Pechstein was not a member of die Brucke but this is a fine example of a woodcut in the style of the group. Love this one!

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