Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vilhelm Hammershoi

Photograph of the painter and his wife Ida 1898. (Finsen & Raaschou-Nielsen)

Portrait of Ida Ilsted, whom he later married. 1890 (Finsen & Raaschou-Nielsen)

Interior with a Woman Seated on a White Chair. 1900 (Finsen & Raaschou-Nielsen)

Danish painter, known for his evocative domestic interiors rendered with monumental simplicity in a muted palette of greys, greens, and soft blacks. His quiet, Neo-Classical rooms often feature a young woman alone and with her back turned as in Interior with a Seated Woman 1908. His work, exemplifying the inner strength and mysticism of the Nordic spirit, occupies a central place in Scandinavian art. (Brockhampton)

I just love the quiet stillness Hammershoi evokes and how often he has the model's
back to the viewer, which Giotto made famous... in theory, it allows the viewer to become the person in the painting and "experience" what the figure is doing, thinking etc.

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