Saturday, January 19, 2008

Man Ray


Man Ray (1870-1976) an American Surrealist, was a contemporary of Marcel DuChamp, Kurt Schwitters as well as a part of the Dada movement. He was a painter, sculptor and probably most famously a photographer. "Man Ray used chance and dislocation of ordinary things from their everyday settings to surprise his viewers into a new awareness." (Gardner)

"Man Ray - nee Emmanuel Rudnitsky- was born in Philadelphia, but lived mostly in Paris from 1921. He began as a painter and took up photography in 1915, the year he met the Dada artist Duchamp in New York. In 1922 he invented the rayograph, a black and white image obtained without a camera by placing objects on sensitized photographic paper and exposing them to light." (Brockhampton)

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