Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Balthus' Studio

Balthus painting in his studio.
A painting in progress in Balthus' studio.
Count Balthazar Klossowksi di Rola ... born 1908 -2001 . Polish- born French painter, famed for his enigmatic paintings of interiors featuring languid, prepubescent girls, both clothed and nude. The studied realism with which his self-absorbed figures are depicted lends his pictures a dreamlike quality. (Brockhampton)

Balthus came from a very educated and accomplished aristocratic family, he grew up in Paris. He was friends with the poet, Rilke as well as Bonnard and Giacometti. He loved Piero della Francesca and drew inspiration from oriental painting. He died Feb. 18, 2001. This is just a tiny slice of Balthus' life there are many great books on him if you want to know more! Click here to see paintings by Balthus: . After looking at those paintings... it made me think of Remedios Varo, another Surrealist painter incidentally born the same year as Balthus. Here's a link... she's fabulous.

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