Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Provencal Quilt (Whoops!!! This post is supposed to be in the Musings by Artslice)

Crimson quilt from Quilts of Provence *
A stuffed white wedding quilt from - Quilts of Provence *

Lovely blue quilt from Quilts of Provence *

My Provencal quilt

Detail. (I added the sunflowers as an afterthought... the black squares were like 'black holes', I like the results!)

Here is a quilt I made while living in Portland, OR. going to art school. I needed an outlet to relieve stress (constant critiques -many a bit cruel- can kill a person!!!). Hand sewing and cutting fabric was the answer. Plus, there is always a pleasure in doing something you 'shouldn't be doing' because you have so many other things you have to do. While in art school, I made 4 queen size quilts without a sewing machine or rotary cutter. Good therapy but for the cost of fabric!

This quilt was inspired by a trip to Provence, when we returned these French patterns were wildly popular. I got most of it from a wonderful shop in Lake Oswego, OR - The Pine Needle and some from the Mill End store.

Last summer, my Mom and I made several quilts together and she helped me find a local machine quilter to quilt my unfinished 'art school quilts'. It was so emotional getting those quilts back, seeing them completed.... kind of like a 'full circle moment'. Mushy, huh? :)
**From the book, Quilts of Provence, the Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking by Kathryn Berenson. (1996, Henry Holt)


luca said...


Martha Miller said...

BEAUTIFUL! Having just finished art school, I can totally relate to needing that anti-stress outlet! Right after graduation I just knit and knit and knit. It felt sooo good to do! I 'll be able to show you my quilt soon - I'm giving it to my daughter this weekend!

artslice said...

Thank you Martha. I love to knit too, but I only know how to make socks and scarves! I'm excited to see the wedding quilt.

Magic Cochin said...

Oh those cruel crits - been there, shed the tears!
Like Martha I knitted through art school - Fair Isle, Geurnsey, all the trad British knitting stitches.
Repetitive stitching/knitting is so soothing, and you end up with something unique and beautiful.

Love your Provencal squares.


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