Friday, April 4, 2008

The Bath

The Bath, (detail) Marilyn A. Burkhardt. Etching approx 11 x 11 in.

I love this image, a nice bath in an old claw foot tub with a big dog at her side just as relaxed as the bather. It has hung in my bathroom for many moons. Marilyn Burkhardt has a little website here: . There are not any etchings that I could find, but sculptures, a charming book, paintings and classes to take if you are near the Oregon coast! Enjoy.


Martha Miller said...


Thanks for adding me to your links - I'll do the same for you! Great blog with wonderful information. I'm getting ready to cut 2 BIG linoleum blocks and will fitsr check out the Rubber Moon site that you've sugessted.

Martha Miller

Martha Miller said...

Wow, bad typos in that comment -

will FIRST check out the Rubber Moon site that you've SUGGESTED

artslice said...

Hi Martha

It is my pleasure, your work and photographs of your student's work is so inspiring! I really enjoyed your performance art photos as well. Thanks for adding me to your list.


Martha Miller said...

Thanks, Brenda! And good for you for finding that artist/motherhood balance - it's a neat trick!