Sunday, September 21, 2008

Julia Griffiths Jones

Homage to Calder, 2003; painted mild steel, aluminum , thread; 51 x 29 in.
I Would Do For You, 2004; painted mild steel, stitched aluminum; 52 x 27 in. Photos: Jason Ingram

Look at these fabulous fiber art pieces, I could not resist sharing them. The line quality really is that of a wire sculpture. I also love that the subject matter is women's garments - a reoccurring element in my own work.
'While studying textiles at the Royal College of Art in London, Jones won a travel scholarship to Poland and Czechoslovakia where she was inspired by traditional embroidery, lace, and folk art. She later spent time furthering her folk-art studies in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Romania. In 1987 an investigation into making drawings 3-dimensional led to Jones's current wire drawings. In her recent collection, each wire garment has a story - some based on a favorite piece of poetry or fiction, some celebrating members of her family.' (Stefanie Berganini - FiberArts magazine, Summer 2008.)

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