Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Heads I, 1911.

Self-Portrait, 1916.

(1884-1976) - As an architecture student in Dresden, he made an acquaintance of Heckel, Kirchner and Fritz Bleyl, with whom he founded Die Brucke. He also showed with Der Blaue Reiter and contributed to Die Aktion. On of thee most prolific of the Expressionists, Schmidt-Rottluff made over 300 woodcuts, many revealing his interest in Cubism and African/Oceanic art. 51 of his works were shown by the Nazis in the infamous show of 'Degenerate Art.' (Shane Weller - Dover)


Paula Villanova said...

This was a powerful and inspirational time in art and good to read about. Thanks for posting this, it made me bring out my art history books again. Love your blog!

artslice said...

Hi Paula -
It is one of my favorite periods...I'm so glad it moved you to get out those art history books!! Thanks for your kind comments :) I'm off to visit your blog now.