Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picasso in Vallauris

Vallauris: Ten Years of Picasso Ceramics 1958.
Picasso: Ceramics and White Clay, 1958
Between 1948 and 1966, Picasso created some 70 posters. His use of materials, mode of expression and playful creativity are unrivaled. Most of his posters were designed for the southern french town of Vallauris, as part of ad campaigns for various art and crafts exhibitions, and bullfights. (Marc Gundel from Picasso The Art of the Poster - Prestel, 2000)
I was especially drawn to these posters because I spent some time in Vallauris and bought some ceramics there that I use everyday. Vallauris is an 'art town' specializing mostly in ceramics - there is a wonderful ceramics museum there. During Picasso's stay there he did a lot of printmaking which is quite similar to the look of these posters. It's a beautiful little town not far from the coast and very close to the 'perfume capital', Grasse.

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